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Monday, June 4, 2007

Yom Kippur war part 4 - Israel fights for her life and wins

This is the last part4 of 4, a documentary concerning the Israeli Yom Kippur war. The surprise attack on Israel in October 1973 by Egypt and Syria, this is the Fourth Arab--Israeli War. It is named after the Jewish national holiday on which it began, the holiest day of the Jewish year. It's worthy of remembering the historical treachery of our Arab neighbors, and their lack of respect for sacred religious days. If Israel had been defeated like it so surely seemed it would, would we now be seeing the Arab countries handing back land for peace?
Personally,I doubt it.

1 Comment:

matajo said...

Hi. The documentary was very intrusting I live in Poland and I wasn’t aver of that conflict.

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